Together for the adventure!

Team up with a group of incredible heroes that will stand by your side!

Shine among the Blobs!

The world waits for your help to smash the voracious blobs away!

Only one finger needed!

That's right! Make the diference with just your touch!

Play with friends or... against them!

Either cooperative or competitive, there are various game modes to explore!

The Heroes

Agnes the Funky Witch
Blobs have eaten her cat Max and now she is on his distress. Join her on this journey and save the world on the way too!
Tucca the Feral Kid
After the invasion he became lost and now he needs your help to find his way home. Take care of him on his journey back.
Haka the Great Hunter
On his quest to become the biggest hunter who ever lived, he will need an extra finger! Can he count on you?
Aniki & Bobo the Twin Acrobats
Their itinerant circus has been torn apart and now they need to recover all the pieces. A view from above would be an extra help!
Zoe the Sexy Rogue
Whatever it is necessary to be rich, she will do it! And it seems that smashing blobs is the way to go. Interested?
Sebastian the King of the Realm
He will not rest until his kingdom is free of the Blobs! Heroes from everywhere are called to join the cause!
Catrina the Maracas Dancer
Out of nowhere Blobs appeared and ate all her friends. Stand next to her and show that she will never be alone again!
Hogar the Retired Smith
He was known for being an amazing sword smith but now he just wants to rest. But for that, someone needs to smash all the Blobs!
Bica the Cosmic Guardian
A link between worlds! He is the one that will bring you from this side of the screen to the biggest adventure of your life!

The Blobs

Ugly, mean and voracious! They will absorb everything that moves to grow bigger and Bigger and BIGGER! 
Sticky wicked! The Blobosses are smarter than the Blobs and they will try trick you!


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